Made for writers

Built for plotters

Empowering writers to write by taking care of the rest.

Streamline your stories

Characters, locations, glossaries, timelines, outlines, plot points, and scenes in one system.

Manage Characters

Answer over 80 questions about a character's physical aspects, personality, habits, and character arcs, or add your own information.

Assign Roles to Characters

Managing characters and creating roles wouldn't be complete unless you know what role a character plays in your story. For one story a character may be a hero, and in another, assign that character as the villain.

Manage Locations

Our location form includes over 30 questions about a location's geography, economics, political systems, and more.

Create Stories

Create stories, define the theme, conflict, and structure, and create plot points.

Add Scenes

Add scenes to your plot points and define the characters in the scene, the location, the conflict, and the emotional change.


Create Wiki pages with subpages to keep all your notes in one area.

Create Timelines

Track events for a character, location, or story by creating timelines.

Cloud Based

Everything is stored in the cloud. No more worrying about your computer crashing. No more backing up to Dropbox.

Features that work for you

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